Lose yourself Lose yourself in unfamiliar places, and even the most familiar places. Lose yourself in the compliments of a stranger, and even the harsh words of someone dear to your heart. Lose yourself in the laughter of a child, and even in the screams of the one you love. Lose yourself in peaceful solitude, […]

God had to take me through some things in life to strip me of who I am in order to become who He wants me to be. God had to clean me up, break me down, then strip me to nothing. I had to stop fighting like it’s about me so that God could clean […]

Sometimes God will create a situation to enable a revelation. Get comfortable being uncomfortable because when you move, God moves. ‘Tis the season to turn my passions into a career and plant my feet wherever God leads me. When God gives you an opportunity of a lifetime, a complete life “re-do”, you grab it. Fueled […]

When God starts cutting things out of your life, let him. He’s clearing the path for your blessings. Things you’ve been holding onto might just be the things that have been holding you back. Change your perspective before getting upset with Him. He might be doing you a favor.

To get something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. Don’t let fear freeze you. Sow your seed. Believe your seed. Be persistent. Remember, pressure is important for a seed to grow. Withstand the pressure until you produce the fruit. A farmer doesn’t just stop watering his crop because there’s no […]

It is crucial to acknowledge and have an awareness of places within you that are still empty. . Places inside of you that are so empty, they are hollow. & In order to “still” the noice in hollow places, you must fill them up. . Picture yourself loudly shouting inside of a large, empty room; […]

The next time you feel a spear being thrown at you &/or your dreams, remember this- A cut is just an incision that is meant to force you to make a decision to change your life. . Think of it this way; An incision is an opening that is made on the surface. This opening […]

When God wants to move you to bigger blessings, He will allow a heavy storm to pour on you. ⛈⚡️ . It’s all about where that shadow comes in and how we deal with the shadow that allows us to find the light. 🌓⛅️ . Every plant grows after the rain 🌧 🌻 . & […]

God disrupts your entire life to talk to you. . . So if you’re feeling like your life is in “shambles”, can’t seem catch a break, just plain chaos, or you’re simply just not happy… . . stop 🛑 . . . Any negative emotion such as feeling uneasy, frustrated, anxious, depressed, angry, etc is […]

I asked God “Why do you continue to bless me?” He said “So you can continue to be a blessing to the people around you.” I started this journey focusing on working on myself, to heal myself and to better myself spiritually … selfishly, just for myself… Or so I thought… But I’ve been given […]