I asked God “Why do you continue to bless me?”

He said “So you can continue to be a blessing to the people around you.”

I started this journey focusing on working on myself, to heal myself and to better myself spiritually … selfishly, just for myself…

Or so I thought…

But I’ve been given confirmation on more than one occasion just this week that God’s plan was much bigger than my own…

not only has He been working within me, He has been using such force doing so that the same energy that has been working through me has shifted onto those around me…

I am just minuscule part of this greater plan.

He planted a seed inside me with full trust that I would take that single seed, water it with the knowledge of His word, fertilize it with the love He has shown me through His blessings, in turn sprouting this single seed into what will eventually be the grandest garden with thousands of other seeds.

In a simpler term, like a domino effect.

& That’s what it’s all about.

That’s why I’m not stopping.

I can’t stop.

I refuse to stop.

That’s why I will keep putting in the work to continue to grow.

Even if that means I have to continue to remove habits, beliefs, places, and people who no longer serve or hinder my GROWTH

This is my purpose

& I choose to SERVE my purpose

Just trust your “gut”

As I literally have my foot on the gas, trusting my “gut” and following the path of least resistance…this is the reassurance I needed this morning.

Life is about the journey.

What’s your journey?

Unsure? Seek the answer from that gut feeling…that feeling divine inner being… your higher power

Then watch as everything falls directly into your lap, at the most perfect timing. •

But the work won’t be done for you… it’s up to you to seize the opportunities

Overlook the fear & uncertainties

& run for them… with everything you got

Listen Closely


Fun fact about me:

I literally have stacks of scratch paper with scribbled hand-writing scattered all over my house, car, and desk at work. Seriously, dozens of scraps, full of messages that God has spoken to me at random.

I hear it, I write it, I utilize it.

I know what you’re thinking and no, I am NOT crazy, nor have I lost my mind- after 27 years, I believe I have actually finally found it- And now that that’s clear, this is a perfect opportunity to state that I think it’s quite obvious that my “gift” is not that I am an expert at cleaning my ears, well enough that I am able to hear God better than the next person- simply not the case, but I’ll leave it to you to make what you want out of that statement.

Want to know the beauty of this gift? This gift doesn’t just benefit me. Knowing the end result of utilizing this gift to it’s fullest potential and comparing this- I am simply a minuscule part of this much, much grander, divine gift.

Like I said- I hear it, I write it, I utilize it– but I have been so gracefully shoved by God to break the mental chains that were holding me back and finally, I have the guts to SHARE it.

I was so gracefully shoved to share some of my personal messages from God, with you.

If you are reading this, it is not by coincidence. God pulled you here for a reason…

I pray that you are willing to open yourself up to receive His word and factor it into your life in whatever which way your soul pulls you.

Here are several things he wanted me to tell you:

Stop looking for the “one change”. Quit telling yourself “my life will be better once I get this” or “my life would be so much better if only this would happen”. There is no such thing. You will spend a lifetime looking for this “one change”. It’s a fight to get what you want. It’s a campaign… your life is a campaign every day, every hour, and every second.

You will never change what you tolerate. You will never become what you could be until you become angry with who you are right now and where you are at currently.

Google the word “Scour”- do this…seriously. Then put this to action with all things surrounding you and most importantly, within you. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

You must give up the “I” and surrender to the “we”. The root of all sin is selfishness. – To love a person well is to also love the boundary between you.

You never see a U-Haul following behind a hearse. Family, friends, the ones who love you most will be following behind that hearse. So be more aware of how you are choosing to prioritize your time and how you are choosing to love and with whom you are choosing to love but most importantly become more aware of how you make people feel. – Remember this next time you find yourself concerned and focused on material things of no soulful purpose. Time is like money, spend it wisely. You only have one life to live. Your life is set on an alarm that only, I, God can see.


Now reflect on these messages for a few minutes before continuing…

Now that you have reflected, ask yourself this and be 100% honest with yourself… Are you truly happy with how you are currently living your life? If not, write out 5 things you would do if you were handed the courage to do them. Write these things down on pen and paper with the intent of putting them in God’s hand’s today. Give God a chance. He can do for you whatever you want in one day what you couldn’t even imagine doing in a lifetime. – Once you do this, be intentional where you are right now, walk with expectation, and live your life like it’s already happening.

If you just took that step, please continue reading…

You just took that leap of faith and trusted just enough to find that paper and pen and not only just that, you found just enough courage on your own to dig into your core, into your soul’s wants and wrote out those 5 things you would do or want to see happen in order to make your life more fulfilling. Even though this just one simple act, God said to tell you: Everywhere you set your foot in the next 3 days is going to be so much more peaceful because you just realized peace doesn’t come from things, places, or people but from Me, God. I am guiding you. See Me just as you just did and I will show you the way.

Be mindful over these next few days. Open yourself up and watch everything you just wrote down begin to unfold.

If you have any questions, need clarity, insight, or would like to tell me your story/input I’d genuinely love to hear from you. Feel free to e-mail me anytime at

Much love!


“A seed grows with no sound but a tree falls with a huge noise.

Destruction has noise, but creation is quiet.

This is the power of silence.”- Unknown

The Test

You can spend weeks building yourself up with every positive word the dictonary has to offer.

You can read aloud all the affirmations daily.

You can re-read and preach all your favorite scriptures until you are blue in the face and eyes are burning.

You can build yourself up on the faith and encouragement that others and God himself instilled into your egotisical brain.

You can replay the visions God gave you for your life like a broken record, over and over again.

You can re-read and re-write the promises that God spoke directly to you until you can no longer feel your hands.

You can build yourself up so high on every single one of these things

So. damn. high that you feel absolutely unstoppable..

But here’s the thing…theres a secret to this…

a secret to unlocking God’s perfect plan.

Before God moves you toward your next step, that next big leap you’ve been itching to get a hold of. That step that full throttles you directly onto that divine path that He let you get just a little taste of.

A taste barely enough to keep you feining for more.

He’s going to test you.

 A test? Yes, a test.

It’s a test of your divine faith.

A test of your divine trust.

A test of your divine loyalty.

A test of your divine knowlege.

A test of your divine love.

A test of your divine potential.

A test that must be given to you, by God, to ensure the divine soul He instilled in you long ago, is fully ready to finally pursue His divine mission and promise for your life.

Notice how many times God just had me use the word divine.
See, anyone can display faith, trust, loyaly, knowlege and love.

But to truly act, display, live, breathe, and spread God’s divinity is not for the faint hearted and you must be strong enough to take on this responsibility.

Most don’t pass this test.

That’s why many go to their grave and lay with the dreams and visions they had for their life.


I was tested.

I was tested on everything I’ve spent the last several weeks builing myself up on.

I was questioned regarding my beliefs, my gifts, my visions, & my dreams.

Those questions consisted of some words of doubt coming from the mouth of someone who I hold dear to my heart.

& here’s a few things that I came to realize in those short-lived, soul crushing 10 minutes that you may want to jot down for your own good…

1.) You CANNOT let someones lack of understanding make you second-guess yourself… Especially if your path was handed to you by God in a vision or through His word.

A lot of people will not understand and that’s okay.

Not everyone is blessed to be able to communicate with God on such a high level.

Very few are given this gift.

2.) One thing God can never do, is perform beyond your perspective.

If you want something, your perspective about that thing, or surrounding that thing must be much larger than what it actually is.

That’s how you grow.

3.) Never let anyone steer you away from His promised path onto their narrow, sidewalk- that will soon hit a dead end, as they all eventually do.

Thankfully, I hit the dead end of my seemingly never-ending sidewalk just short of only 4 weeks ago.

And in these short 4 weeks, God has somehow turned that same sidewalk into an interstate of opportunities and open doors.


Sidewalks end a hell of a lot sooner than interstates… Sidewalks are straight and narrow, with little room to roam and never end up anywhere too exciting.

How often do you come to the end of an interstate? Rarely. Few and far between. The pace is never the same and it’s full of up’s and downs, twists and turns & plenty of exit’s available to ensure you get on your right path.

God’s divine plan is the interstate.

Interstate to the Promise Land-Whatever you envision that to be.

& when you envision this- combine His vision and just a smidgen of your imagination.

Trust me,

this is what’s going to




3.) In the end, no one can crush your perspective but you.

& you’ll be damned to allow another body of flesh tear your souls dreams from your grasp when you just worked your ass off to get yourself and your soul to where you are at now.

No one’s opinion matters, but God’s.

No one’s understanding matters, but God’s.

Remember that.

4.) The devil is a lie. Repeat that… the devil is a LIE. Period.

Don’t you fucking dare let him stop you either.

5.) Keep your eyes set on that path and that vision,

your mind never losing focus on Him,

and most importantly…become genuinely aware of your heart.

The heart knows only His love is the greatest and most powerful love of all.

& His love alone is the very thing that going to carry you up and over these mountains in this life.

If His plan for you is bigger than what majority ever get to experience, or even imagine.. be ready to get tested.

So if you’re being tested, remember this and become grateful.

Only the strong and divine pass this test.

He gives you the tools to withstand this test.

It’s up to you to listen,



and utilize.

The life you want is in the palm of your own hands.

You paint the picture for your life,

God just gives you the brush…

So pay attention & don’t ever lose that focus.

It’s yours, if you want it.


Ps. You may not know it yet, but one day you’ll face every person that ever doubted you..

And finally, you will say “I told you I’d make it here. I made it to the top. This was His vision. You didn’t believe me, but now you know God’s words are never lies. He could have brought you here too, but you chose doubt instead.”


Whether it’s self-CONFIDENCE , self-WORTH, self-LOVE, whateverrr word you choose, if you always replace SELF with God you’ll find your life being full of whatever word you pick to follow His name.

Today, I affirm that I speak and display nothing short of God’s confidence, so much that I am able to spread that same confidence that He instilled into me into others, so that they’re able to also witness and experience God’s unfailing love and abundance.💜💫

I am His walking testimony &

I am aligned perfectly on His path for my life.

He gave me His vision for my life and I’m running as fast as I can,




Stay tuned,

I feel something extraordinary is about to happen!


His Perfect Plan

So I know in the Bible it explains how good deeds should not be announced and to simply do good, God-loving deeds in the quiet of your own heart… but my Spirit God has been nudging me once again and He wants me to tell you all how I witnessed one of Hisperfect plans today.

This morning I jotted down some personal affirmations for myself as I got ready for my day [See the previous post]. One of those affirmations was “to go out into the public and make at least one soul smile today with just a simple, heartfelt gesture.”

I didn’t have a plan or a strategy set in place on how I would go about fulfilling this affirmation when I stepped out of my home today.

I wasn’t even planning on leaving the house today. I didn’t have any plans or things I needed to do and I wanted to just relax in my own home, but my Spirit God gave me one of his nudges and I set out solely to somehow fulfill this affirmation.

I got in the car and I started praying. I prayed that my Spirit God would lead me on my way since I did not have a destination set in place.

I hit the highway, cruising along, enjoying the much-needed sunshine that Memphis had finally been blessed with after what seemed like weeks of dreary, cold rain.

Just a short while after, I got another nudge. So I came to a stop, pulled my phone out and plugged a local Spiritual Supply stores address into my GPS and hit the road again.

Kaden [my four-year-old son] and I were enjoying the ride, singing our little hearts out and then something caught my eye.

It was a man and his dog standing on the corner of a well-known, busy intersection (mind you, I live in Memphis, so sadly we see this EVERYWHERE and sadly, most of the time we don’t even pay them any mind) but this man really had my full attention.

As I was passing by and approaching closer to this man, I could see he was holding a sign that just said “HUNGRY”. He gave me the most heartwarming smile and a wave, and I did the same.

Then something started weighing on my chest, literally weighing it down. It felt like I was being crushed. Then the tingling sensation began on the left side of my head, continuing all the way down to my arm [I will go more into detail about why this happens to me another time, I’ve got an amazing story to continue to tell] and then this vision of hot meal and a bag of dog food appeared in front of me.

I blurted out loud…”This is it, isn’t it? Don’t worry, God. I hear you loud and clear.”

I look at Kaden and said “Okay, baby. We’re going to have to make a little detour but it’ll be quick”.

I found a local grocery store a few miles down the road, ran in grabbed the things I needed and was “pedal to the metal” back to that intersection.

But when I got there, no one stood there. The man and his dog were gone. I looked and looked, up and down nearby roads, gas stations and even sat at the park across the street from the intersection just to see if he would reappear. But he never did.

Now I’m thinking, “Okay, I have this food.. and this dog food… wait..shit, I don’t have a dog so what the hell am I supposed to do with this?” Then I started talking to God and told him I would go ahead and hang on to these items and see just what happens. In hopes that the man would have returned once I decided to make my trek back home.

We went about our day, grabbed a couple things from the shop and decided to make our way back home.

I decided to take the interstate on the way back home since I could go a little faster. I was on the phone with a good friend, telling them about my day and just as I was muttering out words to tell them about the missing man and his dog I peered across the other side of the interstate, all the way to that exits red light [mind you, I am going at least 70mph] but somehow I notice a person.. and their dog.

At this point, I am at the total opposite side of the city from where I encountered the guy earlier in the day. This wasn’t him…

I hollered “OH MY GOD!! LOOK AT GOD!!

I quickly crossed over 5 lanes of traffic, jumped off the next exit, turned around and hopped back on racing to this sweet soul.

This time it was a woman and alongside her was her dog. I rolled my window down, greeted her but the look on her face was timid and full of uncertainty as if I had startled her. I gave her a reassuring “I promise, it’s okay” smile and held out the bag of dog food and the not-so-hot-anymore meal.

I have never seen a face light up as bright as hers did. My heart literally felt like it was melting, and there went those dang tingles, again.

The thing about this woman that really touched me was that when she carried the food back over to her spot, the first thing she did was open up the bag of dog food and fed her dog. She even gave the dog the only water I had in the bag.

I don’t know this woman’s situation but for her to be sitting on the road like that I know she’s been without. Instead of being greedy, like most hungry human-beings, this kind soul made sure her companion, an animal, was taken care of and fed before her own self.

That is love. That is the way Jesus loves. He died for each us, out of nothing but pure love, long before we even existed.

The world needs more people like this woman and her sweet, sweet soul.

My point to this whole story is to show you all that plans sometimes change. God sometimes has to make minor adjustments to what you think is His plan. He has to be sure you follow the path that he intended for you, and in order for him to do this, He has to rearrange the things that we allow to get in His way.

Had that man and his dog still been at that intersection when I arrived, I would have never had the blessing to cross paths with that woman and her sweet, god-loving soul.

In the end, I think I needed her more than she needed me. Because of her, I dug within myself to see how I personally could be a just a little more selfless.

So please, please always keep in mind, if plans change, don’t freight… God is just rearranging the path just a tad but it is solely for your good.. just fully trust in Him because His plan is ALWAYS the PERFECT plan.

God doesn’t take the path of least resistance…He makes it worth your while.

& You will be so happy He did.



Here’s two little secret words to a great life… “I AM”

Daily affirmations beginning with “I AM” and ending with only positive (never negative), good for the soul statements about yourself and how you choose to serve your higher power that day, will in turn, bring power so great that you will see unimaginably great things manifest right before your eyes..

Those statements you choose to use after “I AM” will be brought forth into the conscious and will begin to configure and manifest itself within you and into your life.


I am choosing to be patient.

I am choosing to trust the process.

I am choosing to go out into the public and make at least one soul smile today with just a simple, heart felt gesture.

I am the power. Everything I have visualized, intended, prayed on and worked on is in the process of manifesting.

I am remaining centered and at peace.

I am strong and I will continue to believe it’s all about to happen for me.


I hope everyone has an amazing Saturday! 🙏🏻💜

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

“No one, and nothing outside of us, can take from us what is established in our consciousness”. — Roy Eugene Davis


Tonight while driving home from work, a flood of thoughts filled my head. I got to thinking about the past couple years and all the “bad days” I had experienced. I could hear my own voice screaming “why is this happening to me” or “of course, if it’s going to happen to anyone it’s going to happen to me” like a broken record, as I had done in reality thousands of times before…

My life had been nothing but obstacles and hurdles, literally being thrown my way left and right, one after another & those who know me personally, can vouch for this.

I used to think bad luck was following me like an overcast cloud shadowing my every move. In turn, I always just jumped the gun and assumed or expected the worst because I had convinced myself that it was just my “norm”.

Little did i know, that negativity that I had unintentionally engraved in my brain, was only attracting even more negativity to manifest into my life.

But just within the past week, I’ve done a lot of self discovery, opening up my wounds, meditating, cleansing and a whole lot of praying and I’ve finally come to the realization that every single hurdle and obstacle that was ever thrown my way were just parts of my story. A story that I will soon share with you all.

See, the story of my life (I prefer to call it my Life Path) was mapped out even before my existence on this earth. In order for me to fulfill my purpose here on this earth, each obstacle was strategically and carefully placed on my life’s “timeline” by the higher realm.

Today, January 26th of 2019, my perception of these so-called “obstacles” has suddenly changed.

They were never obstacles, merely life lessons. Life lessons that have not so graciously (I’m not even going to lie…that was one rocky ass road) led me to my Destiny.

Thanks to these life lessons, I have grown by gaining positive insight, confidence, wisdom, strength, courage, compassion, and pure love. Each one served their purpose by “tweaking” at my soul, each one in their own littleBIG way.

After years of “shoving it under the rug”, I have finally decided to fully grasp, open up, and utilize the spiritual gifts that were instilled in me long ago.

I, Caitlyn Grace Johnston, have finally accepted to allow my Spirit God to lead me on my path to fulfill my purpose here on this earth as he intended me to do.

There’s some really unexplainable, amazing things ahead for me in my very near future. And for that, I will be eternally thankful for each and every one of those “obstacles”.

Please follow my lead and take in the experience along with me as I embark on this new life journey!

Stay tuned! 💜💫

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