His Perfect Plan

So I know in the Bible it explains how good deeds should not be announced and to simply do good, God-loving deeds in the quiet of your own heart… but my Spirit God has been nudging me once again and He wants me to tell you all how I witnessed one of Hisperfect plans today.

This morning I jotted down some personal affirmations for myself as I got ready for my day [See the previous post]. One of those affirmations was “to go out into the public and make at least one soul smile today with just a simple, heartfelt gesture.”

I didn’t have a plan or a strategy set in place on how I would go about fulfilling this affirmation when I stepped out of my home today.

I wasn’t even planning on leaving the house today. I didn’t have any plans or things I needed to do and I wanted to just relax in my own home, but my Spirit God gave me one of his nudges and I set out solely to somehow fulfill this affirmation.

I got in the car and I started praying. I prayed that my Spirit God would lead me on my way since I did not have a destination set in place.

I hit the highway, cruising along, enjoying the much-needed sunshine that Memphis had finally been blessed with after what seemed like weeks of dreary, cold rain.

Just a short while after, I got another nudge. So I came to a stop, pulled my phone out and plugged a local Spiritual Supply stores address into my GPS and hit the road again.

Kaden [my four-year-old son] and I were enjoying the ride, singing our little hearts out and then something caught my eye.

It was a man and his dog standing on the corner of a well-known, busy intersection (mind you, I live in Memphis, so sadly we see this EVERYWHERE and sadly, most of the time we don’t even pay them any mind) but this man really had my full attention.

As I was passing by and approaching closer to this man, I could see he was holding a sign that just said “HUNGRY”. He gave me the most heartwarming smile and a wave, and I did the same.

Then something started weighing on my chest, literally weighing it down. It felt like I was being crushed. Then the tingling sensation began on the left side of my head, continuing all the way down to my arm [I will go more into detail about why this happens to me another time, I’ve got an amazing story to continue to tell] and then this vision of hot meal and a bag of dog food appeared in front of me.

I blurted out loud…”This is it, isn’t it? Don’t worry, God. I hear you loud and clear.”

I look at Kaden and said “Okay, baby. We’re going to have to make a little detour but it’ll be quick”.

I found a local grocery store a few miles down the road, ran in grabbed the things I needed and was “pedal to the metal” back to that intersection.

But when I got there, no one stood there. The man and his dog were gone. I looked and looked, up and down nearby roads, gas stations and even sat at the park across the street from the intersection just to see if he would reappear. But he never did.

Now I’m thinking, “Okay, I have this food.. and this dog food… wait..shit, I don’t have a dog so what the hell am I supposed to do with this?” Then I started talking to God and told him I would go ahead and hang on to these items and see just what happens. In hopes that the man would have returned once I decided to make my trek back home.

We went about our day, grabbed a couple things from the shop and decided to make our way back home.

I decided to take the interstate on the way back home since I could go a little faster. I was on the phone with a good friend, telling them about my day and just as I was muttering out words to tell them about the missing man and his dog I peered across the other side of the interstate, all the way to that exits red light [mind you, I am going at least 70mph] but somehow I notice a person.. and their dog.

At this point, I am at the total opposite side of the city from where I encountered the guy earlier in the day. This wasn’t him…

I hollered “OH MY GOD!! LOOK AT GOD!!

I quickly crossed over 5 lanes of traffic, jumped off the next exit, turned around and hopped back on racing to this sweet soul.

This time it was a woman and alongside her was her dog. I rolled my window down, greeted her but the look on her face was timid and full of uncertainty as if I had startled her. I gave her a reassuring “I promise, it’s okay” smile and held out the bag of dog food and the not-so-hot-anymore meal.

I have never seen a face light up as bright as hers did. My heart literally felt like it was melting, and there went those dang tingles, again.

The thing about this woman that really touched me was that when she carried the food back over to her spot, the first thing she did was open up the bag of dog food and fed her dog. She even gave the dog the only water I had in the bag.

I don’t know this woman’s situation but for her to be sitting on the road like that I know she’s been without. Instead of being greedy, like most hungry human-beings, this kind soul made sure her companion, an animal, was taken care of and fed before her own self.

That is love. That is the way Jesus loves. He died for each us, out of nothing but pure love, long before we even existed.

The world needs more people like this woman and her sweet, sweet soul.

My point to this whole story is to show you all that plans sometimes change. God sometimes has to make minor adjustments to what you think is His plan. He has to be sure you follow the path that he intended for you, and in order for him to do this, He has to rearrange the things that we allow to get in His way.

Had that man and his dog still been at that intersection when I arrived, I would have never had the blessing to cross paths with that woman and her sweet, god-loving soul.

In the end, I think I needed her more than she needed me. Because of her, I dug within myself to see how I personally could be a just a little more selfless.

So please, please always keep in mind, if plans change, don’t freight… God is just rearranging the path just a tad but it is solely for your good.. just fully trust in Him because His plan is ALWAYS the PERFECT plan.

God doesn’t take the path of least resistance…He makes it worth your while.

& You will be so happy He did.


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