Here’s two little secret words to a great life… “I AM”

Daily affirmations beginning with “I AM” and ending with only positive (never negative), good for the soul statements about yourself and how you choose to serve your higher power that day, will in turn, bring power so great that you will see unimaginably great things manifest right before your eyes..

Those statements you choose to use after “I AM” will be brought forth into the conscious and will begin to configure and manifest itself within you and into your life.


I am choosing to be patient.

I am choosing to trust the process.

I am choosing to go out into the public and make at least one soul smile today with just a simple, heart felt gesture.

I am the power. Everything I have visualized, intended, prayed on and worked on is in the process of manifesting.

I am remaining centered and at peace.

I am strong and I will continue to believe it’s all about to happen for me.


I hope everyone has an amazing Saturday! 🙏🏻💜

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