Tonight while driving home from work, a flood of thoughts filled my head. I got to thinking about the past couple years and all the “bad days” I had experienced. I could hear my own voice screaming “why is this happening to me” or “of course, if it’s going to happen to anyone it’s going to happen to me” like a broken record, as I had done in reality thousands of times before…

My life had been nothing but obstacles and hurdles, literally being thrown my way left and right, one after another & those who know me personally, can vouch for this.

I used to think bad luck was following me like an overcast cloud shadowing my every move. In turn, I always just jumped the gun and assumed or expected the worst because I had convinced myself that it was just my “norm”.

Little did i know, that negativity that I had unintentionally engraved in my brain, was only attracting even more negativity to manifest into my life.

But just within the past week, I’ve done a lot of self discovery, opening up my wounds, meditating, cleansing and a whole lot of praying and I’ve finally come to the realization that every single hurdle and obstacle that was ever thrown my way were just parts of my story. A story that I will soon share with you all.

See, the story of my life (I prefer to call it my Life Path) was mapped out even before my existence on this earth. In order for me to fulfill my purpose here on this earth, each obstacle was strategically and carefully placed on my life’s “timeline” by the higher realm.

Today, January 26th of 2019, my perception of these so-called “obstacles” has suddenly changed.

They were never obstacles, merely life lessons. Life lessons that have not so graciously (I’m not even going to lie…that was one rocky ass road) led me to my Destiny.

Thanks to these life lessons, I have grown by gaining positive insight, confidence, wisdom, strength, courage, compassion, and pure love. Each one served their purpose by “tweaking” at my soul, each one in their own littleBIG way.

After years of “shoving it under the rug”, I have finally decided to fully grasp, open up, and utilize the spiritual gifts that were instilled in me long ago.

I, Caitlyn Grace Johnston, have finally accepted to allow my Spirit God to lead me on my path to fulfill my purpose here on this earth as he intended me to do.

There’s some really unexplainable, amazing things ahead for me in my very near future. And for that, I will be eternally thankful for each and every one of those “obstacles”.

Please follow my lead and take in the experience along with me as I embark on this new life journey!

Stay tuned! 💜💫

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