The Test

You can spend weeks building yourself up with every positive word the dictonary has to offer.

You can read aloud all the affirmations daily.

You can re-read and preach all your favorite scriptures until you are blue in the face and eyes are burning.

You can build yourself up on the faith and encouragement that others and God himself instilled into your egotisical brain.

You can replay the visions God gave you for your life like a broken record, over and over again.

You can re-read and re-write the promises that God spoke directly to you until you can no longer feel your hands.

You can build yourself up so high on every single one of these things

So. damn. high that you feel absolutely unstoppable..

But here’s the thing…theres a secret to this…

a secret to unlocking God’s perfect plan.

Before God moves you toward your next step, that next big leap you’ve been itching to get a hold of. That step that full throttles you directly onto that divine path that He let you get just a little taste of.

A taste barely enough to keep you feining for more.

He’s going to test you.

 A test? Yes, a test.

It’s a test of your divine faith.

A test of your divine trust.

A test of your divine loyalty.

A test of your divine knowlege.

A test of your divine love.

A test of your divine potential.

A test that must be given to you, by God, to ensure the divine soul He instilled in you long ago, is fully ready to finally pursue His divine mission and promise for your life.

Notice how many times God just had me use the word divine.
See, anyone can display faith, trust, loyaly, knowlege and love.

But to truly act, display, live, breathe, and spread God’s divinity is not for the faint hearted and you must be strong enough to take on this responsibility.

Most don’t pass this test.

That’s why many go to their grave and lay with the dreams and visions they had for their life.


I was tested.

I was tested on everything I’ve spent the last several weeks builing myself up on.

I was questioned regarding my beliefs, my gifts, my visions, & my dreams.

Those questions consisted of some words of doubt coming from the mouth of someone who I hold dear to my heart.

& here’s a few things that I came to realize in those short-lived, soul crushing 10 minutes that you may want to jot down for your own good…

1.) You CANNOT let someones lack of understanding make you second-guess yourself… Especially if your path was handed to you by God in a vision or through His word.

A lot of people will not understand and that’s okay.

Not everyone is blessed to be able to communicate with God on such a high level.

Very few are given this gift.

2.) One thing God can never do, is perform beyond your perspective.

If you want something, your perspective about that thing, or surrounding that thing must be much larger than what it actually is.

That’s how you grow.

3.) Never let anyone steer you away from His promised path onto their narrow, sidewalk- that will soon hit a dead end, as they all eventually do.

Thankfully, I hit the dead end of my seemingly never-ending sidewalk just short of only 4 weeks ago.

And in these short 4 weeks, God has somehow turned that same sidewalk into an interstate of opportunities and open doors.


Sidewalks end a hell of a lot sooner than interstates… Sidewalks are straight and narrow, with little room to roam and never end up anywhere too exciting.

How often do you come to the end of an interstate? Rarely. Few and far between. The pace is never the same and it’s full of up’s and downs, twists and turns & plenty of exit’s available to ensure you get on your right path.

God’s divine plan is the interstate.

Interstate to the Promise Land-Whatever you envision that to be.

& when you envision this- combine His vision and just a smidgen of your imagination.

Trust me,

this is what’s going to




3.) In the end, no one can crush your perspective but you.

& you’ll be damned to allow another body of flesh tear your souls dreams from your grasp when you just worked your ass off to get yourself and your soul to where you are at now.

No one’s opinion matters, but God’s.

No one’s understanding matters, but God’s.

Remember that.

4.) The devil is a lie. Repeat that… the devil is a LIE. Period.

Don’t you fucking dare let him stop you either.

5.) Keep your eyes set on that path and that vision,

your mind never losing focus on Him,

and most importantly…become genuinely aware of your heart.

The heart knows only His love is the greatest and most powerful love of all.

& His love alone is the very thing that going to carry you up and over these mountains in this life.

If His plan for you is bigger than what majority ever get to experience, or even imagine.. be ready to get tested.

So if you’re being tested, remember this and become grateful.

Only the strong and divine pass this test.

He gives you the tools to withstand this test.

It’s up to you to listen,



and utilize.

The life you want is in the palm of your own hands.

You paint the picture for your life,

God just gives you the brush…

So pay attention & don’t ever lose that focus.

It’s yours, if you want it.


Ps. You may not know it yet, but one day you’ll face every person that ever doubted you..

And finally, you will say “I told you I’d make it here. I made it to the top. This was His vision. You didn’t believe me, but now you know God’s words are never lies. He could have brought you here too, but you chose doubt instead.”


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