I asked God “Why do you continue to bless me?”

He said “So you can continue to be a blessing to the people around you.”

I started this journey focusing on working on myself, to heal myself and to better myself spiritually … selfishly, just for myself…

Or so I thought…

But I’ve been given confirmation on more than one occasion just this week that God’s plan was much bigger than my own…

not only has He been working within me, He has been using such force doing so that the same energy that has been working through me has shifted onto those around me…

I am just minuscule part of this greater plan.

He planted a seed inside me with full trust that I would take that single seed, water it with the knowledge of His word, fertilize it with the love He has shown me through His blessings, in turn sprouting this single seed into what will eventually be the grandest garden with thousands of other seeds.

In a simpler term, like a domino effect.

& That’s what it’s all about.

That’s why I’m not stopping.

I can’t stop.

I refuse to stop.

That’s why I will keep putting in the work to continue to grow.

Even if that means I have to continue to remove habits, beliefs, places, and people who no longer serve or hinder my GROWTH

This is my purpose

& I choose to SERVE my purpose

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