Absorb the Storm

When God wants to move you to bigger blessings, He will allow a heavy storm to pour on you. ⛈⚡️


It’s all about where that shadow comes in and how we deal with the shadow that allows us to find the light. 🌓⛅️


Every plant grows after the rain 🌧 🌻


& it’s the light that penetrates through the layers of dirt in order to bring nutrients/life to the seed. ☀️🌹


So in order to truly live to your fullest potential, it is vital to endure your storms and be open just enough to allow the light in. ⛈💨🌹🌻


& always be sure to consistently weed out your surrounding areas.- only keep what blossoms in the light and reflects their own light around you and remove anything that’s lifeless despite the nourishment/light🥀


If you don’t take the responsibility of weeding out, the weeds will soon take over and the seed within dies before it even gets the chance to live.


You are freely given everything you need in order to not only thrive but also flourish, but it’s up to you to keep your surroundings clear of weeds.



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