It is crucial to acknowledge and have an awareness of places within you that are still empty.


Places inside of you that are so empty, they are hollow.

& In order to “still” the noice in hollow places, you must fill them up.


Picture yourself loudly shouting inside of a large, empty room; what happens to that sound? – Your normal “shouts” turn into an obnoxious, boisterous echo that carries throughout every inch of that room, until it eventually fades to nothing.


Now picture this; Those “shouts” are full of every doubt, fear, disappointment, rejection, secret, ugly thought, hateful word or dark memory you’ve held deep within.


Those obnoxious shouts will try to rush you, stroke your ego, make you settle for less than what you deserve, and will keep screaming inside of you, showing up over and over, until it eventually drowns you in so much sorrow that the little life left inside of you is forced to fade into nothing.


However, God has been eagerly waiting to fill those hollow spaces within you and surrounding you.

He is ready to fill your empty rooms with His unconditional love and supernatural blessings.


Harsh words leave you breathless and empty

But God is the breath of life; giving life to the lifeless.


& until you become aware of your hollow places, learn let go of control and grant God the access to intervene, you will continue to be sulking in emptiness, gasping for air.


But because God is a God of unconditional, unfailing love He will continue to stand there, hand on His hip, ‘thumper’ tapping His toes, eagerly waiting for you to finally give Him “the-go” letting him know your are ready to actually LIVE this life-THE life you are meant to LIVE.


There’s a lot of LIVING left to do.


Are you ready?

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