To get something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

Don’t let fear freeze you.

Sow your seed.

Believe your seed.

Be persistent.

Remember, pressure is important for a seed to grow.

Withstand the pressure until you produce the fruit.

A farmer doesn’t just stop watering his crop because there’s no sunshine.

God gives us a vision to motivate us to plant a seed.

He also give us that vision to give us something to hang on too, because He knows that when you begin to sow seeds in order to fulfill His purpose, the enemy is going to come after you.

& the first thing the enemy is going to do is try to come after your mind.

The enemy will try to feed you with doubt, having you questioning if God really did give you that vision.

The enemy will use people of authority to have you convinced your current circumstances are your only circumstances in order to veer you back off God’s path to glory.

The closer you get to harvesting God’s glory, the enemy is going to turn the pressure up & when you put up your fight, the enemy gets a taste of just how powerful you really are. He gets a little intimidated. For he knows that once you claim victory, your power in God’s glory will be unstoppable.

This isn’t God’s first rodeo with the enemy, so God prepares us before battle begins. God supplies us with the necessary materials, a vision and His word, so that when the time comes we can confidently look the enemy dead in his eyes & tell him to sit down and shut up because THE DEVIL IS A LIE.

God’s promise stands firm, for it is unshakeable.

No person, nor circumstance can move, remove or change God’s promise.

God is the ONLY and ALL powerful God. When God speaks, something happens! It’s not a coincidence that it says “the Lord has spoken!”, “I, the Lord have spoken” and “God said,” hundreds of times in the Bible. God’s words have power. When God created earth, He did it with His words, not His hands. When God gave life to man, He did it with His breath.

All you need is GOD’S WORD.

So if the enemy knocked you down, remember the promise God gave you, stand back up, dust yourself off, get your mind back in gear, smile with graceful confidence and plant your feet in God’s promise and DON’T MOVE. Don’t even budge. Remain unshakable just as God does for us…

God gives His people unmeasurable power. Reach down and reclaim that power.

Look the enemy square in the eyes and remind him he picked on the wrong one.

Make Hell shake when you stand that ground.

Claim God’s victory.

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