Closed Book

God had to take me through some things in life to strip me of who I am in order to become who He wants me to be. God had to clean me up, break me down, then strip me to nothing. I had to stop fighting like it’s about me so that God could clean up.

Just within the last few months I have surrendered myself to God’s mercy time & time again and every time I surrender God’s like “Oh good, you’re learning…next assignment!”

I’m learning that in order for Him to lead me to the mountain, I must get through the valley’s first because God doesn’t take shortcuts; He takes you straight through the storm to get you to the other side. So if I ever find myself in a situation that just seems “way too easy” I know that it’s possible it may not be a “God thing”-which is why I’ve learned to confirm every decision/choice I make with Him first, because I’ll admit it… I haven’t always made the best decisions. 

Sure, I could choose one of the many paths set in front of me that look comfortable and easy in order to totally avoid the storm altogether but I know those paths are just detours that will only prolong the time it will take to get to my destiny. 

So it may not make any sense and it may sound just a little crazy to just willingly go straight into something that most everyone tries their best to avoid, but I know who’s with me and what’s waiting for me on the other side. 

My trials are strategically placed by God to set me up and prepare me to endure the storms and as cliche as it sounds, everything happens for a reason, literally… everything. It’s just that sometimes the reason isn’t always conveniently in my face & I’m forced to dig a little bit deeper to figure out what the reason is.

I may be blindfolded and not exactly sure whats in front of me but I know who’s got a tight grip on my hand and leading my way right now- so I am okay with that and I can genuinely and whole heartedly say I’m happy with every step I’ve willingly and also not-so-willingly taken along the way thus far. 

I am able to say another chapter has been completed and it’s time to move onto the next. However, it’s safe to say this starts chapter one of a brand spankin’ new book for my life- and this time, God is the author.

I’m unsure what exactly He’s got in store from here but I know without a doubt whatever it is, it won’t be boring… 

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