Get a Life

A not-so-short list of life hacks I’ve complied after 4,000 miles, 18 days, 8 hotels and numerous life changing experiences you might want to note of:

•Sit with yourself. Get to know yourself inside and out, backwards and forwards- do this over and over again. Become so familiar with who you are that no one can shake you because your self-awareness, self-confidence and identity are that strong.

•Create a life that is built on YOUR goals, YOUR wants, YOUR loves, and YOUR interests (and not what someone else thinks you should be interested in, strive for, or love).

•Travel alone, eat alone, do the things that most people won’t even consider doing alone so you can decide whether or not you hate or love certain things without the pressure of another person.

•Do things different. Change your routine. Bend the rules-just don’t break them. Think outside the box.

•Think different. Act different. Just be different- notice the most memorable, successful people weren’t memorable because they were “normal.”

•Keep a list of things you’ve already done like places traveled, accomplishments, random adventures, compliments you’ve received, people you’ve met and their stories, write all that shit down so then you can look at it if you feel “behind” or “stuck.”

•Understand that your life is never going to look the way you think it should, but learn to work with what you’ve got anyway. Most importantly, understand your life will never look like anyone else’s- you shouldn’t strive for that anyways.

•Be selfish with your time and especially your energy-only water the people who water you.

•Figure out your values and commit to honoring them as much as possible but do this one step at a time- don’t get ahead of yourself or you will burn yourself out before the going even gets the chance to get good.

•Meditate- Set time aside daily to devote all of your attention to God and yourself. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes while your driving to work or cleaning your house, just still your mind, throw it in neutral. This is when life changing ideas and answers come to light.

•Take action on the things you want & get out of the “if it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen” mindset. God can only move when you do. Do your legwork.

•Not happy with yourself and/or life? Set out to discover what sets your soul on fire and fucking follow that.

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