Be your own change

Just because you’re comfortable, doesn’t mean you’re where you’re supposed to be.

It seems as if everyone was given a handout during their childhood titled “This is how you’re supposed to live your life: If you don’t follow this handout to the T, your life is doomed.”

More often than not, we feel like we are living on a timeline. Someone else’s timeline. Like we’re pressured into living this pre-mapped out life—pressured into chasing after a “status” rather than chasing after our souls true desires.

Every once in a while, you have to ask yourself whether you’re still happy, whether you still feel like you’re doing the right thing, whether you want to continue living the way you’ve been living, and/or whether you’re happy with the people you’ve surrounded yourself with.

Yeah, your comfort zones might be reliable and somewhat consistent- and sure, it hasn’t failed you yet… but I can bet it’s rarely exciting, exhilarating, or most importantly, challenging.

What is a job with no passion?

What is a house with no home?

What is a relationship with no relation?

Here’s the issue, sometimes we don’t even realize we are settling. We appreciate what we do have-which is good- but then we end up convincing ourselves that we’ve reached our peak and/or this is as good as it’s going to get. We play it safe in order to avoid the risks, then end up holding our own selves back.

Change can be unwanted and intimidating, but sometimes you just can’t resist it any longer.

Change is scary.

Change is the unknown.

Change would mean purposely disrupting your perfectly average, quiet life.

But if we truly want better, we have to stop expecting the shit to fall out of the sky and into our lap and just freaking run after what we want.

In order to grow we have to stretch our own limits, we’ve got to get out of our nice, comfy comfort zone and take a chance on ourselves.

Stop wishing for change and start making the change.


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