Stay in the now

Sometimes we convince ourselves into believing that our desires can only come to life with one set of circumstances, one specific outcome, in one ‘predestined’ time frame, etc, etc…

This stops us from being present in the here and now.

As we try and forcibly conjure up what we imagine reality should be, we stop seeing life as it is.

We lose our way as we forget to trust in ‘what is’ because we get caught up in the fears surrounding our desires.

In turn, rather than letting life move us, we try to move life- causing unnecessary resistance when manifesting our desires…

But here’s yet another little life hack:

Don’t doubt yourself.

What you feel deep within your heart is real.

You are being led into it by the progress of life itself.

You must trust this, especially during those times when the foundation is suddenly appearing a little unsteady and when your vision of the future just doesn’t seem so clear anymore.

We don’t have to know how the details will unfold. All we have to do is trust in the One who called us and know that as we take that risk and step out in faith, we are divinely protected and that God is The ultimate provider.

Our job is simply to put one foot in front of the other, show up, and be present. 💜

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