Get lost

Sometimes it’s okay to be lost.

Being lost tells you that your life as it has been is not your life as it will be.

It tells you that you’re not the kind of person who settles for okay or sort of good enough.

It tells you that you are serious about your future and that you understand that ultimately it is your choice on how you live it.

The fact that you are lost tells you that you would rather be living in the middle of uncertainty than dead-set on something that makes you comfortable only sometimes.

•So let’s look at where to go from here…

If your life is lying splintered on the floor, which pieces do you want to pick up and keep?

Which do you leave?

What do you choose not to re-create now that you’re given the chance to start over?

Because that is exactly the chance that you have.

You get to strip your life down to its bare bones and build the whole thing back up from scratch.

It’s not the easiest thing to do.

But it’s the best thing.

The bravest thing.

The most rewarding thing,

and the kind of thing you only get the opportunity to do once in a lifetime, and it just so happens to be the ONLY ‘pro’ about being lost that I’ve discovered thus far.

So right now, let yourself be a little bit lost. Because you don’t get found by staying comfortable.

You don’t get found by running away.

You don’t get found by fighting your deepest impulses and you definitely don’t get found by hiding out.

You get found by doing exactly what it is that you are doing right now – which is delving right into the heart of your hearts desires and fighting like hell for what matters most to you.

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