We’ve got to stop hiding our emotions just because someone else chooses to suppress their own. We are all too afraid to say too much, to feel too deeply, to let people know what we truly want them to know. Caring is not synonymous with crazy. You ruin your life by desensitizing yourself. Release that […]

That risk you’re afraid to take could change your life… but it’s impossible to move forward if you still have one hand clinging to your past… Look around you. How many people do you think are settling? People settling into okay relationships, okay jobs, okay friends, and an okay life. & Why? Because okay is […]

Sometimes it’s okay to be lost. Being lost tells you that your life as it has been is not your life as it will be. It tells you that you’re not the kind of person who settles for okay or sort of good enough. It tells you that you are serious about your future and […]

Sometimes we convince ourselves into believing that our desires can only come to life with one set of circumstances, one specific outcome, in one ‘predestined’ time frame, etc, etc… This stops us from being present in the here and now. As we try and forcibly conjure up what we imagine reality should be, we stop […]

Just because you’re comfortable, doesn’t mean you’re where you’re supposed to be. It seems as if everyone was given a handout during their childhood titled “This is how you’re supposed to live your life: If you don’t follow this handout to the T, your life is doomed.” More often than not, we feel like we […]

A not-so-short list of life hacks I’ve complied after 4,000 miles, 18 days, 8 hotels and numerous life changing experiences you might want to note of: •Sit with yourself. Get to know yourself inside and out, backwards and forwards- do this over and over again. Become so familiar with who you are that no one […]

Lose yourself Lose yourself in unfamiliar places, and even the most familiar places. Lose yourself in the compliments of a stranger, and even the harsh words of someone dear to your heart. Lose yourself in the laughter of a child, and even in the screams of the one you love. Lose yourself in peaceful solitude, […]

God had to take me through some things in life to strip me of who I am in order to become who He wants me to be. God had to clean me up, break me down, then strip me to nothing. I had to stop fighting like it’s about me so that God could clean […]

Sometimes God will create a situation to enable a revelation. Get comfortable being uncomfortable because when you move, God moves. ‘Tis the season to turn my passions into a career and plant my feet wherever God leads me. When God gives you an opportunity of a lifetime, a complete life “re-do”, you grab it. Fueled […]