It is crucial to acknowledge and have an awareness of places within you that are still empty. . Places inside of you that are so empty, they are hollow. & In order to “still” the noice in hollow places, you must fill them up. . Picture yourself loudly shouting inside of a large, empty room; […]

The next time you feel a spear being thrown at you &/or your dreams, remember this- A cut is just an incision that is meant to force you to make a decision to change your life. . Think of it this way; An incision is an opening that is made on the surface. This opening […]

When God wants to move you to bigger blessings, He will allow a heavy storm to pour on you. ⛈⚡️ . It’s all about where that shadow comes in and how we deal with the shadow that allows us to find the light. 🌓⛅️ . Every plant grows after the rain 🌧 🌻 . & […]

God disrupts your entire life to talk to you. . . So if you’re feeling like your life is in “shambles”, can’t seem catch a break, just plain chaos, or you’re simply just not happy… . . stop 🛑 . . . Any negative emotion such as feeling uneasy, frustrated, anxious, depressed, angry, etc is […]

I asked God “Why do you continue to bless me?” He said “So you can continue to be a blessing to the people around you.” I started this journey focusing on working on myself, to heal myself and to better myself spiritually … selfishly, just for myself… Or so I thought… But I’ve been given […]

As I literally have my foot on the gas, trusting my “gut” and following the path of least resistance…this is the reassurance I needed this morning. • • Life is about the journey. • • What’s your journey? • • Unsure? Seek the answer from that gut feeling…that feeling divine inner being… your higher power […]

Okay… Fun fact about me: I literally have stacks of scratch paper with scribbled hand-writing scattered all over my house, car, and desk at work. Seriously, dozens of scraps, full of messages that God has spoken to me at random. I hear it, I write it, I utilize it. I know what you’re thinking and […]

You can spend weeks building yourself up with every positive word the dictonary has to offer. You can read aloud all the affirmations daily. You can re-read and preach all your favorite scriptures until you are blue in the face and eyes are burning. You can build yourself up on the faith and encouragement that […]

Whether it’s self-CONFIDENCE , self-WORTH, self-LOVE, whateverrr word you choose, if you always replace SELF with God you’ll find your life being full of whatever word you pick to follow His name. Today, I affirm that I speak and display nothing short of God’s confidence, so much that I am able to spread that same […]