As I literally have my foot on the gas, trusting my “gut” and following the path of least resistance…this is the reassurance I needed this morning. • • Life is about the journey. • • What’s your journey? • • Unsure? Seek the answer from that gut feeling…that feeling divine inner being… your higher power […]

Okay… Fun fact about me: I literally have stacks of scratch paper with scribbled hand-writing scattered all over my house, car, and desk at work. Seriously, dozens of scraps, full of messages that God has spoken to me at random. I hear it, I write it, I utilize it. I know what you’re thinking and […]

You can spend weeks building yourself up with every positive word the dictonary has to offer. You can read aloud all the affirmations daily. You can re-read and preach all your favorite scriptures until you are blue in the face and eyes are burning. You can build yourself up on the faith and encouragement that […]

Whether it’s self-CONFIDENCE , self-WORTH, self-LOVE, whateverrr word you choose, if you always replace SELF with God you’ll find your life being full of whatever word you pick to follow His name. Today, I affirm that I speak and display nothing short of God’s confidence, so much that I am able to spread that same […]

So I know in the Bible it explains how good deeds should not be announced and to simply do good, God-loving deeds in the quiet of your own heart… but my Spirit God has been nudging me once again and He wants me to tell you all how I witnessed one of Hisperfect plans today. […]

Here’s two little secret words to a great life… “I AM” Daily affirmations beginning with “I AM” and ending with only positive (never negative), good for the soul statements about yourself and how you choose to serve your higher power that day, will in turn, bring power so great that you will see unimaginably great […]

Tonight while driving home from work, a flood of thoughts filled my head. I got to thinking about the past couple years and all the “bad days” I had experienced. I could hear my own voice screaming “why is this happening to me” or “of course, if it’s going to happen to anyone it’s going […]