A not-so-short list of life hacks I’ve complied after 4,000 miles, 18 days, 8 hotels and numerous life changing experiences you might want to note of: •Sit with yourself. Get to know yourself inside and out, backwards and forwards- do this over and over again. Become so familiar with who you are that no one […]

It is crucial to acknowledge and have an awareness of places within you that are still empty. . Places inside of you that are so empty, they are hollow. & In order to “still” the noice in hollow places, you must fill them up. . Picture yourself loudly shouting inside of a large, empty room; […]

Okay… Fun fact about me: I literally have stacks of scratch paper with scribbled hand-writing scattered all over my house, car, and desk at work. Seriously, dozens of scraps, full of messages that God has spoken to me at random. I hear it, I write it, I utilize it. I know what you’re thinking and […]